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Your Financial Life - ReVIVED

Whether you are struggling with personal or business debt, ReVIVE Financial and our team of specialists can breath new life into your financial situation. We understand that debt management can be stressful, especially if you’ve already fallen behind on repayments and are struggling to pay even the minimum amounts.

It can be all too easy to ignore your debts in the hope they will go away. Worse still, you might look for a quick fix by taking out even more debt to pay off what you owe, leaving you in a harsh debt spiral and losing all control. Facing your debt head-on is the best approach to get it back under control. The ReVIVE Financial Specialists can help you find a starting point, create a plan and follow through to see amazing results. We can revive your financial life.

Our ReVIVE Financial specialists are quick, discreet and professional. We are experts in personal insolvency and business debt solutions and are able to help people out of a number of difficult financial situations.

During a Free Consultation, our specialists will discuss your current financial situation and the events leading up to the hardship you are currently facing. They will also ask about your goals and future planning to derive the perfect plan to revive your finances and help you get back on track.

Our Specialists are across a number of debt relief solutions for both personal and business debt and can even provide a combination of both to assist will all aspects of your life.

Whether you’re an individual, own your own business or have a Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), we can help you revive your financial future. If you would like to start a Free Consultation, click Get Started now!

Individuals entered personal insolvency in 2014
Companies entered insolvency in 2014
Construction companies entered insolvency in 2014
Average interest paid per year by credit card holders


Personal Insolvency Solutions

Part 9 Debt Agreements

A formal, government legislated agreement between you and your creditors outlining a new, affordable payment arrangement of your debts.


Releasing you from the burden of overwhelming debt, Bankruptcy gives you the chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. There are restrictions you must adhere to during Bankruptcy.

Informal Debt Arrangements

An informal debt negotiation between you and your creditors to reach a legally binding payment arrangement for your existing debt. Suitable for people experiencing temporary financial hardship.

Business Debt Solutions

Business Turnaround

A Business Turnaround will challenge your business model, the way you operate, your marketing strategy and much more to see how you can improve the financial success of your business.

Voluntary Administration

An administrator takes control of your company to determine if it can remain solvent or not. The administrator will present their findings to your creditors who will vote on the fate of your company.

Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation is the act of winding up your business. A Liquidator will be appointed to take control of and sell your business assets and distribute the profits to your creditors.

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