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Business Debt Solutions Sunshine Coast

Business Debt Help and Consolidation On the Sunshine Coast

How to Enter Voluntary Administration

Businesses can be booming one minute and flat lining the next. The stress of your business debts could have you eyeballing the closing sign, but Revive Financial is here to help. Don’t close your business just because you are experiencing pressure from mounting business debts. There are multiple solutions available for your business depending on your individual circumstances, including Business Turnaround, Voluntary Administration or as a last resort, Company Liquidation.

The most important thing to understand is you need to act quickly. If you don’t, you’re much more likely to find yourself facing Liquidation rather than giving your business its best chance at survival. Ignoring your overwhelming business debt problems will only make the situation worse and may cause you to breach your duties as a director by trading insolvent.

3 Options for Tackling Your Business Debts

Business Debt Solutions

At Revive Financial, we specialise in finding the right business debt solution for your company to move forward from financial instability.

Business Turnaround

We know that running a business on the Sunshine Coast can have its challenges. From fluctuating market conditions to cash flow procedures, you may find yourself in a position where implementing a turnaround strategy is the only way your business can survive. A working business turnaround strategy allows you to focus your attention on returning to profitability, have a positive return on equity and enhancing economic value. There are five key stages to implementing a positive Business Turnaround:

  1. Analyse the situation.
  2. Determine the chance of your business’s survival.
  3. Explore relevant strategies.
  4. Develop a preliminary action plan.

Voluntary Administration

Voluntary Administration (VA) is a business debt strategy where you hand the reins of your insolvent but viable company over to an independent Voluntary Administrator. Their job is to assess the damage, help figure out a plan of action to satisfy the demands of your creditors and save your business. If your company is showing signs of insolvency, you need to act fast. Some of these serious warning signs include:

  1. Continuing losses.
  2. Inability to obtain business finance.
  3. Facing legal recovery action by creditors.

Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation is the process of winding up your company’s business: selling its assets, investigating its affairs, recovering any legal claims and distributing the funds received to your creditors and/or shareholders. A registered Liquidator will be appointed to your company to carry out the Liquidation. There are three main types of Company Liquidation available for your business if it is facing a nonviable future.

  1. Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.
  2. Members Voluntary Liquidation.
  3. Court Liquidation.

What is Safe Harbour Protection?

If you are taking steps to save your business without entering Voluntary Administration, you face two major risks: breach of your duties as a director and personal liability for insolvent trading if your turnaround efforts aren’t successful. If you take positive steps to implement a business turnaround, you are now protected from these risks through Safe Harbour Protection.

To access Safe Harbour Protection, you must:

  1. Develop and implement a course of action for a genuine turnaround.
  2. Satisfy the better outcome test.
  3. Comply with the eligibility criteria.

Why Choose Revive Financial?

At Revive Financial, we are experts at providing professional advice to businesses on the Sunshine Coast with solutions on how to manage business debt. Our team consists of Chartered Accountants, Registered Liquidators, Bankruptcy Trustees, Turnaround Specialists and Financial Advisors who have been assisting retailers and developers on the Sunshine Coast and Queensland with business debt management for over ten years.

  • We offer a free 30-minute consultation and business health check
  • You can feel confident with our service as you will deal directly with a Registered Liquidator
  • We have an easy, quick and efficient appointment process to get you the help you need as fast as possible
  • We offer an Australia-wide service
  • Our dedicated, qualified team has over 43 years of combined experience in the industry

Get in touch with our Sunshine Coast team today for a free consultation on 1800 861 247.

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