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Easily Work Out Your Loan Repayments

Use our Loan Repayment Calculator to help you decide what amount you want to borrow by calculating monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments depending on your budget and preference.

Loan Amount


Enter the amount you would like to borrow.




How many years do you want to take to repay the loan?

Interest Rate


You can increase or decrease the interest rate to understand the affect on your repayments and total interest.

Repayment Type

Extra Repayment


Enter the extra amount you plan to make for every repayment


Offset Account


Enter the amount in the account you wish to use to offset your interest payments.

Lump Sum


Enter the lump sum about you plan to make against the loan.

Lump Sum Year


Enter the year you plan to make the lump sum payment.

Make Extra Payments

Regular Repayment

$0.00 per Month at 0% p.a.

Total Interest

$0.00 over 0 years

Interest Saved


Time Saved

0 years 0 months

Struggling to pay back your debts? We may have the solution!

Pay Off Your Loan Faster

Make an Extra Payment

By adding an extra payment each year, you’ll pay off your loan faster. This can be done by spreading the extra payment out over the entire year. To do this, divide your monthly payment by 12 and add that amount to each monthly payment.

Simplify Your Loans

If you have more than one form of unsecured debt, consolidating them into one loan can potentially reduce your interest and repayment amounts. Compare low interest loans on offer and find one lower than your current debts.

Cut Expenses

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the most difference. If you’re dedicated to paying off your loan, saving a few dollars every day can really add up and help to cut down your loan faster. Work this into your budget by planning ahead.

Round Up Payments

Rounding up your loan payments to the nearest $50 or $100 each month will help pay off your loan faster. Even if you can only save $5 or $10 more each month, those few extra dollars can quickly add up towards carving time off your loan.

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