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Ease Your Debt Burdens & Avoid Bankruptcy

You may be able to take advantage of a Personal Insolvency Agreement (“PIA“) before considering bankruptcy.

If you have an overwhelming amount of debt and are considering bankruptcy, first you should consider whether a PIA is a more suitable option for you!

A PIA is one option when you find yourself suffering from financial hardship and you wish to avoid bankruptcy. With a PIA, you put forward a proposal with your creditors in satisfaction of those debts.

Staying on target

The Personal Insolvency Agreement Process

Appointment of Trustee

If you decide that a Personal Insolvency Agreement is right for you, you will need to provide authority to your controlling Trustee who will be assisting you throughout the process.

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Receive Tailored Solution

Your Controlling Trustee will work closely with you to review your assets, income and liabilities to produce a report with a personalised recommendation and proposal for your creditors.

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Take Back Control

If your creditors accept the proposal you will have successfully achieved a legally binding agreement that will help relieve stress and move you forward with your finances.

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Personal Insolvency Agreement

$800,000 in Company Debt

Director Penalty Notice Received

Family Home At Risk

Find out how we helped Joshua

Our Solution

Helping Joshua With His Debt

Whilst Joshua would be unable to manage the company whilst undertaking this process, he was able to put his company on hold for a short period of 3 months without too much disruption. He was happy to utilise the investment property sale proceeds for the benefit of his creditors, plus was able to offer an extra lump sum over three months (provided by close family).

We arranged all the paperwork including a Deed for his proposal, reported to creditors and convened the meeting, a process that took just 30 days. We were able to put forward a favourable proposal to creditors explaining that the timing, costs and value of the proposal were more beneficial compared to a bankruptcy scenario. The creditors agreed and within three months the PIA was completed!

Positive Outcome

Joshua Finds Stability

Debt Reduction

Joshua was able to save over 50% of his debts and did not have to go bankrupt to save those costs.

Kept Their Family Home

Joshua was able to retain the family home and avoid being displaced due to debt.

Reclaimed His Life

With Joshua’s debts back under control there were no more hassles from creditors and he could start fresh with family and business.

You're In Safe Hands

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At Revive Financial, we care about the stress and impact being in debt has on your wellbeing. We want to help you take back control with no judgement, just a helping hand.

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Financial Professionals

Revive Financial is proudly Australian owned and lead by a team of Chartered Accountants. Our qualified team have been helping Australians become debt free since 2005.

Tailored Solutions

Industry Leaders

Our dedicated team have been trusted by over 10,000 Australians to help take back control of their financial futures. It's what we do best so you can rest assured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a PIA?

The benefits of a PIA are:

  • Avoid bankruptcy,
  • Timeframe; can take three to six months compared to a bankruptcy which lasts for at least three years;
  • Released from your unsecured debts;
  • Certain assets not required to be sold, which would otherwise be sold in bankruptcy;
  • Some of the restrictions in bankruptcy does not apply, including restrictions relating to travel, trading businesses and incurring debts;
  • Investigations into prior asset dealings not pursued which are likely be pursued in a bankruptcy; and
  • There is no requirement to pay income contributions under a PIA, which may be required to be paid in bankruptcy.

What are the consequences of a PIA?

The consequences of a PIA are:

  • Cannot manage a Company during the PIA process;
  • Is an Act of Bankruptcy, therefore, if creditors reject your proposal, you may become bankrupt; and
  • Can be more expensive compared to a bankruptcy depending on your situation. Would require an upfront fee.

What do I need to do?

You will need to complete three sets of forms, A Statement of Affairs, A Controlling Trustee Authority and a Draft Proposal. We will assist you with the completion and lodgement of all of these forms.

You will then receive a proposal which will outline the terms and amounts you are offering your creditors including any assets and income. The proposal would need to be in a form of a Deed which we will have a solicitor to draft to ensure proper compliance.

What is a Controlling Trustee and what do they do?

The Controlling Trustee will look into your financial affairs and report to creditors on the benefits of a PIA compared to a bankruptcy and convene a meeting of creditors to vote on your proposal.

The report will detail your assets, income, liabilities and investigations. The report will provide reasons why creditors should accept your proposal and the estimated return to creditors as compared to a bankruptcy scenario.

At the meeting, the creditors will vote on your proposal. For your proposal to be accepted, it must be approved by a majority in number and more than 75% of the value of creditors voting at the meeting.

If the proposal is accepted then it is binding on all creditors and subject to your compliance under the terms of the proposal to avoid bankruptcy. If the proposal for a PIA is not accepted then whilst you will not automatically become bankrupt, it is common (and may be a condition in your proposal) that you would in the future.

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